Best New Zealand Poems 2022


Alan Roddick – ‘Under Pahia Hill’ was published in Next: Poems 2016-2021 (Otago University Press)

Anahera Maire Gildea – ‘Dogwhistle’ was published in Sedition (Taraheke | Bushlawyer)

Chris Tse – ‘What’s fun until it gets weird?’ was published in Super Model Minority (Auckland University Press)

Elizabeth Smither – ‘Getting the duck to fly’ was published in My American Chair (Auckland University Press)

Elliot McKenzie –  ‘U & me baby, butch 4 butch apocalypse dreams’ was published in Starling Issue 13

essa may ranapiri – 'Hine-Nui-Te-Pō & the Dominant Species' was published in ECHIDNA (Te Herenga Waka University Press)

Frances Samuel – ‘Red Whistle, Orange Lifejacket’ was published in Museum (Te Herenga Waka University Press)

Frankie McMillan – ‘The Uprising of my Aunt’ was published in No Other Place to Stand (eds. Jordan Hamel, Rebecca Hawkes, Erik Kennedy and Essa Ranapiri; Auckland University Press); and subsequently in The Wandering Nature of Us Girls (Canterbury University Press)

James Brown – ‘Resilience on Checkout 7’ was published in The Tip Shop (Te Herenga Waka University Press)

Joanna Cho – ‘The Magic Sock’ was published in People Person (Te Herenga Waka University Press) and formerly in Sweet Mammalian Issue 7

Jordan Hamel – ‘Vortex Mega Howler’ was published in Sweet Mammalian Issue 9

Khadro Mohamed – ‘Ginger Flakes’ was published in We’re All Made of Lightning (Tender Press [formerly We Are Babies])

Michael Steven – ‘Winter Conditions’ was published in Night School (Otago University Press)

Michaela Keeble – ‘expressway’ was published in Surrender (Taraheke | Bushlawyer)

Michelle Rahurahu – ‘Hinemoana II’ was published in No Other Place to Stand (eds. Jordan Hamel, Rebecca Hawkes, Erik Kennedy and Essa Ranapiri; Auckland University Press)

Morgan Bach - ‘To Proceed Within a Trap (5)’ was published in The Spinoff Friday Poem December 16, 2022

Nafanua Purcell Kersel – ‘Protection Order’ was published in Turbine | Kapohau 2022

Nick Ascroft – ‘Always Saying Sorry’ was published in The Stupefying (Te Herenga Waka University Press)

Peter Bland – ‘Watching Westerns’ was published in broadsheet 29 (The Night Press)

Rebecca Hawkes –'Is it cruelty?’ was published in Meat Lovers (Auckland University Press)

Sarah Scott – ‘Leaven’ was published in NZ Poetry Shelf May 3, 2022

Simone Kaho – ‘right back in her face’ was published in HEAL! (Saufo`i Press)

Siobhan Harvey – ‘The gifted nephologist goes to school’ was published in Mslexia 94

Tim Jones – 'Restraints' was published in takahē 105

Wen Juenn-Lee – ‘chinese class’ was published in Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022 (Massey University Press)


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