Best New Zealand Poems 2020


John Allison: 'Father's axe, grandfather's machete' was published in Catalyst 17 - Socially Distant (ed. Doc Drumheller), The Republic of Oma Rāpati Press, November 2020.

Tusiata Avia: 'We talk about sex poems' was published in The Savage Coloniser Book, Victoria University Press, 2020.

Victor Billot: 'Rage Virus' published in Takahē 98, Tākahe Collective Trust, April 2020.

Diane Brown: 'Yes' published in Every Now and Then I Have Another Child, Otago University Press, 2020.

Geoff Cochrane: 'The Tattooed Man' published in Chosen, Victoria University Press, 2020.

Kay McKenzie Cooke: 'Off with your head and on with a button' published in Upturned, The Cuba Press, 2020.

Doc Drumheller: 'Shengze Haiku' published in Landfall 239, Otago University Press, Autumn 2020.

Rhian Gallagher: 'The Illuminated Page' was published in Far-Flung, Auckland University Press, 2020.

Rata Gordon: 'Hair' was published in Second Person, Victoria University Press, 2020.

Siobhan Harvey: 'My Mother is a Ghost Living in My Mind' published in Tarot Issue 1, Tarot Poetry Journal, 2020

Mohamed Hassan: 'When they ask you where you are really from' published in Ko Aotearoa Tātou |We Are New Zealand, Otago University Press, October 2020.

David Howard: 'Fitting' published in OK Boomer! New Zealand in the Swinging Sixties (ed. Ian Chapman), Bateman Books, 2020. It was subsequently collected in Rāwaho: the Completed Poems, Cold Hub Press, 2021.

Richard Langston: 'Snoring' was published in Five O'Clock Shadows, The Cuba Press, 2020.

Michele Leggott: 'the wedding party' published in Mezzaluna: Selected Poems, Auckland University Press, 2020.

Bill Manhire: 'Huia' was published in Wow, Victoria University Press, 2020.

Talia Marshall: ‘Being Active’ was published in Landfall 239, Otago University Press, Autumn 2020.

Ria Masae: ‘Mā’ published in AUP New Poets 7 (ed. Anna Jackson), Auckland University Press, August 2020.

Karlo Mila: 'The Sounds of Princess Ashika' published in Goddess Muscle, Huia, 2020.

Emma Neale: 'Metamorphosis' published in Love in the Time of Covid on, 14 August 2020

Peter Olds: 'Doctor Bell' published in Soup & Toast, Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop, 2020.

essa may ranapiri: 'my dream of a nonbinary prison' published in Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2020 (ed. Johanna Emeney), Massey University Press, 2020.

Sudha Rao: 'Passages, shadows, braids' published in Ko Aotearoa Tātou |We Are New Zealand, Otago University Press, October 2020.

Elizabeth Smither: 'My American Chair' was published in broadsheet 25, The Night Press, 2020.

Michael Steven: 'Summer/Haszard Road' was published in The Lifers, Otago University Press, 2020.

Chris Tse: 'Ghost poem #3 — The other side of the glass' published in The Poetry Shelf (ed. Paula Green), 29 June 2020


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