Best New Zealand Poems 2018


Tusiata Avia: ‘Some notes for critics’ was published in The Spinoff (ed. Steve Braunias), 31 August 2018. It was subsequently included in The Friday Poem: 100 New Zealand Poems, (ed. Steve Braunias), Luncheon Sausage Books, 2018

Hera Lindsay Bird: ‘I want to get high my whole life with you’ was published in Pamper Me to Hell and Back, The Poetry Business (UK), and subsequently in The Spinoff, 1 June 2018, and The Friday Poem, 2018

Nikki-Lee Birdsey: ‘Mutuwhenua’ was published in Sport 46, Fergus Barrowman/Victoria University Press, (ed. Fergus Barrowman, Kirsten McDougall and Ashleigh Young), 2018

Jenny Bornholdt: ‘Flight’ was published in Poetry (Guest ed: Stephanie Burt, Paul Millar, Chris Price), February 2018

James Brown: ‘Waiheke’ was published in Poetry, February 2018

Doc Drumheller: ‘Guangzhou City Haiku’ was published in Catalyst Vol 15, Sister Cities, 2018

Sam Duckor-Jones: ‘Regeneration’ was published in People from the Pit Stand Up, Victoria University Press, 2018

Lynley Edmeades: ‘The Age of Reason’ was published in Landfall 235 (ed. Emma Neale), Otago University Press, Autumn 2018

David Eggleton: ‘Game’ was published in the Otago Daily Times Weekend Mix magazine (ed. Diane Brown), 7 July 2018. It was subsequently included in Edgeland and other poems, Otago University Press, 2018.

Jess Fiebig: ‘Panic’ was published in Takahe 92 (Poetry eds: Jeni Curtis and Gail Ingram), April 2018

Bernadette Hall: Poem 6 from ‘Fancy Dancing’ was published in Aotearotica Vol. 5 (ed. Laura Borrowdale), 2018

Anna Jackson: ‘Late Swim’ was published in Pasture and Flock: New and Selected Poems, Auckland University Press, 2018

Erik Kennedy: ‘Double Saw Final at the Canterbury A&P Show’, was published in There's No Place Like the Internet in Springtime Victoria University Press, 2018

Therese Lloyd: ‘Evenflow’ was published in The Facts, Victoria University Press, 2018

Bill Manhire: ‘Thread’ was published in The Spinoff, 29 September 2018 and subsequently in The Friday Poem: 100 New Zealand Poems, Luncheon Sausage Books, 2018

Owen Marshall: ‘Dunstan Dog in Winter’ was published in View from the South, Vintage, 2018

Mary McCallum: ‘Sycamore Tree’ was published in XYZ of Happiness, Mākaro Press, Submarine Books 2018

Emma Neale: ‘So Buttoned Up’ was published in Headstuff, 9 June, 2018

essa may ranapiri: ‘echidna: born of eve and lucifer’ and 'echidna: half woman half snake’ are from the longer poem ‘Echidna’, published in Landfall 236, Otago University Press, Spring 2018

Richard Reeve: ‘Dog with its head out the window’ was published in Landfall 236 (ed. Emma Neale), Otago University Press, Spring 2018

Alice Te Punga Somerville: ‘Rākau’ (with translation by Te Ataahia Hurihanganui) was published in Tātai Whetū: Seven Māori Women Poets in Translation (ed: Maraea Rakuraku and Vana Manasiadis), Seraph Press Translation Series, 2018

Tayi Tibble: ‘Identity Politics'  was first published in Poetry, February 2018, and subsequently in Poūkahangatus, Victoria University Press, 2018

Chris Tse: ‘The compulsive liar's autobiography’ was published in He's So MASC, Auckland University Press, 2018

Sophie van Waardenberg: ‘Schön’ was published in Mimicry 4 (ed. Holly Hunter), Autumn 2018

Sue Wootton: ‘As it is on Earth’ was published in the Hippocrates Prize Anthology, Hippocrates Press, 2018, and subsequently in the Otago Daily Times Weekend Mix, 12 May, 2018



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