The Age of Reason

Because longing
Because hormones
Because thirty-six
going on thirty-seven
Because psychotherapy
Because not understanding
Because antidepressants
Because New Zealand
Because domesticity
Because being scared
of enjoying domesticity
Because Simone de Beauvoir
Because money
Because the best start 
Because not enough money
Because middle class
Because regret
Because my issues
Because potential regret
Because nieces and nephews
Because fear of death
Because a dog might do
Because antidepressants
Because déjà vu
Because the trees
Because the population
Because plastic
Because the ocean
Because everything
Because nothing
Because maybe
Because baby.

Lynley Edmeades (photography credit: Rory Mearns)

Photo by Rory Mearns

Lynley Edmeades is a poet, essayist and scholar. She is the author of As the Verb Tenses (Otago University Press, 2016), and her second collection is forthcoming in September 2019. Her work has been shortlisted for many awards, including the UNESCO Bridges of Struga Best First Book of Poetry Award. In 2018 she was Artist in Residence at Massey University and the Ursula Bethell Writer in Residence at the University of Canterbury. She lives in Dunedin, where she lectures on the English programme at the University of Otago.

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Otago University Press: As the Verb Tenses