Bill Manhire


A new poem. Wow just wow
A new poem that no one will forget any time soon.
A new poem. I think it’s important.
I wrote a new poem. You’ll be amazed at what happened next.
It’s all about momentum
A new poem #maintainingthebrand
A new poem. This is huge. #worldstage
Artisanal! Granular!
Another new poem. Hello world!
Actually two new poems! just sayin
had to dig deep
If you like my new poem, let me know below the line
I think my new poem will drop your jaw
nothing inside the tube until you squeeze it!
actually a sonnet. poem of two halves
Several other poems I have been writing are unavoidably held over.
I wrote a new poem. Simple as that.
another new poem. because I’m worth it
Another new poem! goodbye reclusive genius!
I think this poem will get so much love
wanna tattoo it on my body!
backing my skill-sets!
nailed it!
new poem: must call the focus group together
thought leadership!
Another new one. Building great product here!
every line is a whole new startup
doing the business
Give that man a beer!
A new poem – punching above my weight.
#newpoem Highly relatable!
I wrote a new poem. But is poem even a thing any more?
ok maybe needs refreshing
Pimptacular moves tho
big blasts of nectar
27 other poems by me that will leave you speechless
new poem! smoke on the water!
the new poem: I think it’s going to be *necessary*
man here in search of the truth!
always thinking about reader outcomes
future-proof the poem!
a new poem. this one’s woah
always chasing the fire engine
New on my blog: my ten best poems about myself
Will I finish this new poem. It’s down to the wire
yes yes yes
Each line is crystalline!
see what I did there!?
#fullygeared #amwriting
#newpoem #newpoem #newpoem

Bill Manhire (photo credit: Grant Maiden Photography)

Photo by Grant Maiden Photography

Bill Manhire lives in Wellington. He has been collaborating recently with the musician Norman Meehan on Bifröst, songs about the end of the world that take their immediate impulse from Norse mythology.

Manhire comments: ‘I think of “Thread” as an extended joke – probably one that goes on too long – directed at people who use social media to tell you vastly more than you want to know about their writing life. Of course I spend too much time on Twitter myself so who am I to say.

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