drove to your house   parked across the road            'm n town

'm selfsh                        know                             'm sorry

ddn't get out                 wanted to                                    chckened out

              sold everythng                         gave up smokng                          took up Jesus

went to Caro  wanted to rng    ddn't thnk enough tme had passed

mssed your voce                       wasn't n New York                      wanted to say sorry

know                don't deserve your tme                                                        hurt you

ddn't mean to             had ths dea  was somewhere else           was wrong

wasn't n Pars   ran out of cash n Morocco   got work n a town wth no name

                cleaned rooms                            poured drnks     worked lke a dog

wrote to you                   never sent the letters   burnt them n a feld

took pctures of the smoke                     mssed your laugh                        went to Rome

lt a candle at the baslca                  prayed for you          sent my love

  know                should've prayed for myself

Photo by Sally Greer

Courtney Sina Meredith (1986–) is a poet, playwright, fiction writer and musician. Her play Rushing Dolls (2010) won a number of awards and was published by Playmarket in 2012. She launched her first book of poetry, Brown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick (Beatnik), at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair and her debut book of short stories Tail of the Taniwha was launched in 2016 to critical acclaim. She describes her writing as an ‘ongoing discussion of contemporary urban life with an underlying Pacific politique’. Her poetry and prose have been translated into Italian, German, Dutch, French and Bahasa Indonesia.

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