a possible journey

the deer believes
words are enclosures

even weather forecasts
with their ridges

of high pressure
make wire fences

from the bambi
school of music

the deer watches
soccer crooning

chase chase with a
grey industrial tongue

he prefers the art
of tree grafting

eating raw apple
the rattle of stars

Kerrin P. Sharpe is a teacher of creative writing. She completed Bill Manhire's Original Composition class at Victoria University of Wellington in 1976. Over the last two years she has been published widely including: Best New Zealand Poems 2008, Turbine 07 and 09, SnorkelBravadoTakahe, the New Zealand ListenerPoetry NZJuncturesSport and The Press. In 2008, she was awarded the New Zealand Post Creative Writing Teacher's Award from the International Institute of Modern Letters.Sharpe comments: One morning when I was out walking I was startled to find a deer's head impaled on an iron fence. I tried to write a poem that would put the deer back where he truly belonged.

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Turbine 09 and 07
Best New Zealand Poems 2008: ‘like rain the thunder'
Snorkel 569