Best New Zealand Poems 2004


Tusiata Avia: ‘Shower’ was published in Wild Dogs Under My SkirtVictoria University Press, 2004.

Hinemoana Baker: ‘A Walk with Your Father’ was published in matuhi | needleVictoria University Press, 2004.

Diane Brown: ‘follow me if you will’ is from Learning to Lie Together, Godwit, Random House, 2004.

James Brown: ‘The Wicked’ was published in Landfall 208, November 2004.

Geoff Cochrane: ‘Little Bits of Harry’ appeared in Sport 32, November 2004.

Linda Connell: ‘Cycling in America’ was published in Laughing with the UndertakerSteele Roberts Publications Ltd, 2004.

Wystan Curnow: ‘Mondrian’s Restaurant’ is from Landfall 208, November 2004.

Anne French: ‘A Hank of her Hair’ was published in WildAuckland University Press, 2004.

Paula Green: ‘Waitakere Rain’ was published in CrosswindAuckland University Press, 2004.

David Howard: ‘The Harrier Suite’ first appeared in brief #30 (Winter 2004), pp.36-40.

Andrew Johnston: ‘Les Baillessats’ is from Sport 32, November 2004.

Tim Jones: ‘The Translator’ appeared in New Zealand Books, December 2004.

Anne Kennedy: ‘What Fell’ was published in Poetry New Zealand 28, 2004.

Tze Ming Mok: ‘An Arabic poetry lesson in Jakarta’ was published in Landfall 207, May 2004.

Peter Olds: ‘At Murdering Beach’ was published in the Otago Daily Times, 13 November 2004.

Vincent O’Sullivan: ‘Reading the Runes’ is taken from Nice Morning for it, AdamVictoria University Press, 2004.

Vivienne Plumb: ‘Lorikeets’ appeared in NefariousHeadworx, 2004.

Richard Reeve: ‘Blowflies at the Bottom of a Fiordland Toilet’ is taken from his collection The Life and the DarkAuckland University Press, 2004.

Elizabeth Smither: ‘The Year of Adverbs’ was published in Sport 32, November 2004.

Kendrick Smithyman: previously unpublished, ‘Nadi’ appeared on Smithyman Online, Mudflat Webworks, in 2004.

CK Stead: ‘Without’ is from The Red TramAuckland University Press, 2004.

Brian Turner: These extracts (parts 7, 8, 22, 25 and 26) are from ‘Chances of Revelation’, published in Sport 32, November 2004.

Sue Wootton: ‘Countdown’ was published in North & South, June 2004.

Sonia Yelich: ‘glenn and the crashroom’ appeared in Turbine 04

Ashleigh Young: ‘Visitations’ was published in Sport 32, November 2004.


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