Best New Zealand Poems 2003


David Beach: ‘Parachute’ was published in the New Zealand Listener, July 12, 2003.

Peter Bland: ‘X-Ray’ was published in the New Zealand Listener, April 5, 2003.

Jenny Bornholdt: ‘Ode to the Little Hotel’ was published in SummerVictoria University Press, 2003.

Kate Camp: ‘The Insomniac Learns a Lot’ was published in Landfall 205.

Gordon Challis: ‘Walking an Imaginary Dog’ was published in The Other Side of the BrainSteele Roberts Ltd Publications, 2003.

Geoff Cochrane: ‘Vanilla Wine’ was published in Vanilla WineVictoria University Press, 2003.

Fiona Farrell: ‘Our trip to Takaka’ was published in Trout 11.

Cliff Fell: ‘Ophelia’ was published in The Adulterer’s BibleVictoria University Press, 2003.

Sia Figiel: ‘Songs of the fat brown woman’ was published in Whetu MoanaAuckland University Press, 2003.

Rhian Gallagher: ‘Burial’ was published in Salt Water CreekEnitharmon Press, 2003.

Robin Hyde: ‘Incidence’ was published in Young Knowledge: The Poems of Robin Hyde, ed. Michele Leggott, Auckland University Press, 2003.

Kevin Ireland: ‘Sailing the World’ was published in Walking the LandHazard Press Ltd, 2003.

Anna Jackson: ‘Catullus for babies’ was published in Catullus for ChildrenAuckland University Press, 2003.

Anne Kennedy: ‘I was a feminist in the eighties’ was published in Sing-SongAuckland University Press, 2003.

Graham Lindsay: ‘big bed’ was published in Lazy Wind PoemsAuckland University Press, 2003.

Anna Livesey: ‘Shoeman in Love’ was published in Good LuckVictoria University Press, 2003.

Karlo Mila: ‘Wednesday afternoon’ was published in Whetu MoanaAuckland University Press, 2003.

James Norcliffe: ‘the kids are smoking’ was first published in Queen’s Quarterly, a Canadian journal out of Queen’s University (Vol 106, Fall issue 1999), and later appeared in Sport. In 2003, it was published in Rat Tickling, Sudden Valley Press.

Gregory O’Brien: ‘Dark Room’ was published in Sport 30.

Bob Orr: ‘Memories of Pines’ was published in the New Zealand Listener, September 13, 2003.

Chris Price: ‘Fled is that music’ was published in Sport 31.

Sarah Quigley: ‘Dinosaur Times’ was published in Love in a Bookstore or your Money BackAuckland University Press.

Elizabeth Smither: ‘To Mai, a month after her death’ was published in Sport 31.

Brian Turner: ‘Some reasons why I got this job’ was published in the New Zealand Listener, March 15, 2003.

Richard Von Sturmer: ‘Gathering Clouds’ was published in the New Zealand Listener, May 10, 2003.


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