Best New Zealand Poems 2002


Jenny Bornholdt: ‘Blue Shirts, Descending’ was first published in Sport 29, Spring 2002.

Diana Bridge: ‘The wallet’ first appeared in Sport 28, Autumn 2002.

Rachel Bush: ‘The Strong Mothers’ is part of the collection The Unfortunate Singer, published by Victoria University Press, 2002.

Kate Camp: ‘Winston Peters with apologies to Robert Frost’ first appeared in the NZ Listener, July 27, 2002.

Glenn Colquhoun: ‘To a woman who fainted recently at a poetry reading’ is published in the collection Playing God, published by Steele Roberts Ltd Publications, 2002.

Murray Edmond: ‘Voyager, after Apollinaire’ first appeared online at the nzepc.

Paula Green: ‘10.4.02 Intersection’ was first published in the online journal Trout 10, 2002.

Michael Harlow: ‘Cremation Blues’ was published in Poetry New Zealand 24, 2002.

David Howard: ‘There You Go’ was first published in Deep South, 2002.

Andrew Johnston: ‘Great Aunt’ first appeared in Turbine, 2002.

Anne Kennedy: ‘Cat Tales’ is from JAAM 18, October 2002.

Michele Leggott: ‘we are one, we are two, we are everyone (two three)’ was published in New Zealand Books, December 2002.

Emma Neale: ‘Brooch’ is from the collection How to Make a Million, published by Godwit, 2002.

Bob Orr: ‘Eternity’ appears in the collection Valparaiso published by Auckland University Press, 2002.

Chris Orsman: ‘Making Waves’ is a commissioned poem for Maurice Wilkins in 2002, and first appeared on the website of the International Institute of Modern Letters.

Vincent O’Sullivan: ‘The Child in the Gardens: Winter’ was published in Sport 29, Spring 2002.

Bill Sewell: ‘Old Man Range’ first appeared in Landfall 204, November 2002.

Anna Smaill: ‘Poem’ was published in Sport 28, Autumn 2002.

Kendrick Smithyman: ‘Cutty Sark’ appears in the collection Imperial Vistas Family Fictions, published by Auckland University Press, 2002.

C K Stead: ‘Gotland, Midsummer’ is from the collection Dog, published by Auckland University Press, 2002.

Robert Sullivan: ‘South Point, Hawai’i’ appears in New Zealand Books, December 2002.

Jo Thorpe: ‘Windscreen’ was published in the NZ Listener, 21 December 2002.

Rae Varcoe: ‘Plot 608, The Old Balclutha Cemetery’ first appeared in Sport 29, Spring 2002.

Louise Wrightson: ‘Anicë’s world’ was published in Sport 28, Autumn 2002.

Sonja Yelich: ‘and-yellow’ was published in the online journal Trout 10, 2002.


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