Best New Zealand Poems 2001


James K Baxter: “A Pair of Sandals” appears in James K. Baxter, New Selected Poems, ed. Paul Millar (Auckland: Oxford University Press, 2001).

Jenny Bornholdt: “Being a Poet” first appeared in the inaugural issue of the online magazine Turbine.

Bernard Brown: “Respects” appears in the collection Unspeakable Practices: Parables of Rumbling Disgust in Verse, Stories and Sketches, Cape Catley Ltd, 2001.

James Brown: “Loneliness” first appeared in the Christchurch Press on 1 December 2001.

Alan Brunton: “Movie” is taken from the Wellington-based magazine JAAM 16, published in October 2001.

Kate Camp: “Unfinished Love Theorem” is included in the collection Realia, Victoria University Press, 2001.

Alistair Te Ariki Campbell: “It’s Greece” is part of Maori Battalion: A Poetic Sequence, Wai-te-ata Press, 2001.

Allen Curnow: “When and Where” appears in the collection The Bells of Saint Babel’s, Auckland University Press, 2001.

Leigh Davis: “The Footstool” is the opening poem in General Motors, a work which can be viewed in its entirety at

Chloe Gordon: “Fresh Orange Juice” first appeared in the online magazine magazine Trout 9.

Bernadette Hall: “The Lay Sister” is taken from the collection Settler Dreaming, Victoria University Press, 2001.

Dinah Hawken: “365 X 30” is part of the collection Oh There You Are Tui, Victoria University Press, 2001.

Anna Jackson: “Watch” is taken from The Pastoral Kitchen, Auckland University Press, 2001. It also appeared in Landfall 202, December 2001.

Jan Kemp: “Elephant Riding” is part of the collection Only One Angel, University of Otago Press, 2001.

James McNaughton: “Moon Poem” comes from The Stepmother Tree, Darius Press Ltd (, 2001.

Gregory O’Brien: “Ode to Te Whiti o Rongomai” was first published in the “Spring, 2000” issue of Stand, which did not, in fact, appear till mid-2001.

Peter Olds: “Disjointed on Wellington Railway Station” first appeared in the 19th issue of the online magazine Southern Ocean Review, published on April 12, 2001.

Bob Orr: “The Tyre Shop” first appeared in Sport 27, Spring 2001.

Vincent O’Sullivan: “A Bit Late, But Still” comes from the collection Lucky Table, Victoria University Press, 2001.

Chris Price: “Rose and Fell” first appeared in Landfall 202, November 2001.

Richard Reeve: “Ranfurly” is part of Dialectic of Mud, Auckland University Press, 2001. It also appeared in the first instalment of the online magazine papertiger.

Elizabeth Smither: “Te Whiti and Tohu” is taken from Parihaka: The Art of Passive Resistance, jointly published by City Gallery Wellington, Parihaka Pa Trustees and Victoria University Press in January 2001.

Brian Turner: “Semi-Kiwi” is part of the collection Taking Off, Victoria University Press, 2001.

Ian Wedde: “To Death” is taken from the fourth section of The Commonplace Odes, Auckland University Press, 2001.

Nick Williamson: “Broken Light” appears in the collection The Whole Forest, Sudden Valley Press, 2001.


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