Best New Zealand Poems 2023


John Allison: ‘Singing the blues’ was published in A Long Road Trip Home, Cold Hub Press, September 2023.

Hana Pera Aoake: ‘Invasive weeds, or I wish I could give you the world but I was only given mud, rot and the bones of a half-eaten fish’ was published in Aotearoa Poetry Yearbook 2023, Massey University Press, March 2023.

Jake Arthur: ‘Jim Nevis’ was published in A Lack of Good Sons, Te Herenga Waka University Press, February 2023.

Cadence Chung: ‘vampiresses’ was published in Spoiled Fruit, Āporo Press, September 2023.

harold coutts: ‘in the afters’ was published in AUP New Poets 9, Auckland University Press, March 2023.

Leah Dodd: ‘Muscle Memory’ was published in Past Lives, Te Herenga Waka University Press, March 2023.

Sam Duckor-Jones: ‘The Mother Is Speaking To Her Chairs’ was published as 'The Mother Speaks To Her Chairs' in A Fine Line: Summer 2023, New Zealand Poetry Society, January 2023.

Dan Goodwin: ‘Harvey Milk Finishes His Term of Office’ was published in Overcom Celebrate, April 2023.

Jessica Hinerangi: ‘Barbie girl’ was published in Āria, Auckland University Press, July 2023.

Isla Huia: ‘wetlands’ was published in Talia, Dead Bird Books, May 2023.

Arihia Latham: ‘Te Whē’ was published in Birdspeak, Anahera Press, July 2023.

Michele Leggott: ‘Walks and days’ was published in Face to the Sky, Auckland University Press, April 2023.

Jackson McCarthy: ‘Prelude’ was published in Starling 16, August 2023.

Hannah Mettner: ‘Beep test’ was published in Saga, Te Herenga Waka University Press, August 2023.

Ruben Mita: ‘Animals & Architecture’ was published in Turbine | Kapohau 2023, International Institute of Modern Letters Te Pūtahi Tuhi Auaha o Te Ao, December 2023.

Sinead Overbye: ‘keri & i as best friends’ was published in Kupu Toi Takataapui, April 2023.

Daley Rangi: ‘Takatāpui (Whā)’ was published in Burnt Tongue, Red River Press, May 2023.

Loretta Riach: ‘Inside You Are Two Wolves And They Are Both Nonbinary’ was published in Overcom 9, February 2023.

Emma Shi: ‘solar year’ was published in Sweet Mammalian 10, August 2023.

Tracey Slaughter: ‘what this hotel room wants’ was published in remake 8, January 2023.

Geena Slow: ‘Rupture’ was published in Starling 16, August 2023.

Stacey Teague: ‘kylie minogue’s gold hotpants permanently altered the chemistry of your brain’ was published in Overcom Celebrate, April 2023.

Tayi Tibble: ‘Creation Story’ was published in the New Yorker, July 2023.

Rushi Vyas: ‘Love Story with Rolex’ was published in When I Reach For Your Pulse, Otago University Press, September 2023.

Marjory Woodfield: ‘Not Over Dinner’ was published in Landfall 246, Otago University Press, November 2023.


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