The Mother Is Speaking To Her Chairs

The mother was born in a large city in 1956.
The father was born in a small town in 1957.
They met each other in a third place in 1979.

They got married in the large city in 1980.
They moved together to the small town in 1981.
Their first child was born there in 1982.

Their second child was born there in 1984.
Their third child was born there in 1986.
The mother’s uncle died in 1988. He left her six good chairs.

Over a period there are approximately
2 cats, 3 mice, 4 rats, 5 fish, 6 birds & 1 dog.
By 2003 the mother & father have split up.

By 2004 all the animals have died.
By 2005 all the children have moved out
& the mother has the six chairs recovered.

It was expensive, but, she argues, it has been such a long time.
& the first child gets a pet. He phones the mother to tell her.
He says how he talks with the pet & how nice it feels.

The mother says well I talk to my chairs so I understand yeah I get it.
I say, hello chairs, I love you chairs, you are so beautiful, chairs.
& the first child says, good Ma thats good, well talk to you soon.

Ok bye hon, she says.
And they hang up.

Sam Duckor-Jones author image

Sam Duckor-Jones is an artist and writer from Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, now living in Māwhera Greymouth. He is the author of People From The Pit Stand Up (Victoria University Press, 2018) and Party Legend (VUP, 2021).    


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