Funerals happen.
You walk past one
and call it a Tuesday

afternoon; the sun
comes down. This
is how it happens.

writer photo Jackson McCarthy

Jackson McCarthy is a poet and musician from Auckland currently studying in Wellington. He is of mixed Māori and Lebanese descent. He was a finalist for the Schools Poetry Award 2021, and was one of the Starling micro-residents at the New Zealand Young Writers Festival 2023.

Jackson comments: 'Well, I suppose it’s based on a true story—I was walking around and there was a funeral going on on this most excellent afternoon. As for the style, a very generous friend likened it to O’Hara, who we all worship every now and again, but I think it’s rather more plainspoken than that. Like yeah, it really did happen. It happened the other day; it happened exactly like this.'


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Photographer credit: Grace Cartman